Alex Brightman, Tony Award nominee for School of Rock

"TDF makes performances more accessible to these people by having open captions, sign interpreters, and audio description. It’s amazing what TDF is able to do for these young audiences, some of whom are seeing their very first Broadway show. And that, I know for a fact, can change lives."

- Alex Brightman, Tony Award nominee for School of Rock

"Live theater can entertain and touch an audience in ways no other art form can. everyone deserves the opportunity to experience that "theater magic," especially children! I love that TDF provides incredibly inclusive, educational programs for kids who otherwise may not get that opportunity, yet probably need it most. Let's do our part to bring the gift of theater to EVERYONE."

- Laura Osnes, Tony Award nominee for Cinderella

Family at ATI performance of Aladdin
Santino Fontana, Broadway and television actor 

"What I love about theatre is how it brings people together, how it unites a group of people who otherwise didn’t know each other. And this is just another, more inclusive way to do that. I think that’s what theatre is all about."

- Santino Fontana, Cinderella on Broadway